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The publicly available outcomes of the e-HOOP project are provided below.

Access to the confidential and restricted results is through here (Access is controlled and requires credentials, please email to request access. You will be asked to state the purpose for requesting access.)


Welcome to the complete list of publicly available results of the e-HOOP Project!


The report documents the most prominent FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) tools supporting personalised learning.

Here both educators and learners can discover 10 reasons to use the e-HOOP platform so as to benefit from its design.

The administration and user manual covers all the e-HOOP

The dissemination plan outlines the dissemination strategy to be followed by the partners throughout the project.

The final conference organised on 12 of November 2015, marked the end of e-HOOP project and provided the opportunity to see and test the project service and products that have been developed

The publications aim to raise awareness on the project. Three (3) publications were prepared in the life of the project.

Read the project news throughout the course of the project. Six (6) newsletters were prepared in the life of the project.

The press releases cover the launch and the closure of the project.

Explore the promotional material of the e-HOOP project.

The Guide of Good Practice contains the presentation of the project, implementation phases, the main outcomes of the project and benefits and recommendations for the future.

The exploitation report illustrates the partnership actions towards the sustainability of the project.

The internal evaluation sheet is addressed to the partners of the project, so as to score the project’s performance. 

A collection of Best Practices and Lessons Learned as they emerged during the project life. 





News shared with the e-Hoop network of educators, learners and enthousiasts.  

Photos, presentations and the agenda of the closing conference. 

Project related publications in the life of the project. 

The publications, apart from project and partner sites are available through major platforms such as: Slideshare, Scribd, Merlot and Gutenberg.


Project related presentations in the life of the project (from conferences and other events).

        Multilingual press releases about the project.
        The archive of newsletters informing about project progress and important updates from the project or from the wider area of Inclusion in EN, EL, DE, FI, LT
        A repository of visual resources made available to Educators to create their own multimedia content. 

       Multilingual brochures about the project and the e-HOOP platform.
       A booklet about the Structured Democratic Dialogues in Cyprus.
       A tips & tricks cheat sheet for educators and learners.
        Multilingual TV Spot for publicity purposes. Used for a quick introduction to the inclusive by design principle and e-HOOP.
       A poster about the e-HOOP project, presented in conferences and events.
       A demonstration video (in Greek only) depicting the process of GUI assessment in a specialised lab at Hellenic Open University.
       Photos from various events in the life of the project.
       List of dissemination activities
       Support statements for the project from organisations and individuals contacted about the project.
       e-Hoop FB page has received 635 Net likes during the 3 years of the project’s lifecycle. Since there is no mechanism to measure views in Facebook, relying on studies that
       estimate 170/1 views per like ratio, it is estimated that it has reached more than 100,000 people!
      The #eHOOP hashtag on twitter demonstrates a very big listing of tagged tweets which reached a large set of recipients through the combined set of followers.